GPS Systems Reset April 6 2019 - A Mini Y2K?


Phoenix, AZ - March 29, 2019

GPS Systems Reset April 6 2019 - A Mini Y2K?


CEN advises a major update to GPS systems worldwide will take place Saturday, April 6th, 2019. Some are calling it a MINI Y2k given the potential for major disruptions in critical services. According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), “On April 6, 2019, there will be an event affecting the electric transmission and distribution system that has industry concerned about the potential for a major disruption to railways, airlines, financial, energy and other basic services. During the Global Positioning System Week Number Rollover (GPS), the week number which uses the 10-bit binary system will reach its limit of 1,024 weeks and will be forced to roll over and be reset to week 0.” DOE further states, “It may seem odd that the stationary electric grid relies so heavily on GPS, but in fact, GPS supports a wide variety of critical grid functions that allow separate components on the electric system to work in unison. This is made possible because the GPS signal contains a running timestamp that identifies the current week and current second within that week, which is converted by the signal receiver to the proper date and time which we recognize as day, month, year, and time of day.” CEN advises that there are no known threats at this time regarding the rollover. Many businesses are aware and understand this process and have prepared for it however the Christian community at large need to prepare as well. CEN advises all GPS users make sure all firmware systems are updated prior to the April 6th rollover event. It is wise to have hard copies of all pertinent data as you would within your ministry continuity plan.


For information, tips and suggestions on how to be READY for the GPS Rollover: Cyber Department of Homeland Security CISA information For information on developing a Ministry Continuity Plan from an all hazards view: ReadyChurch (Chapter 7, pg 103)


  • Father, in Heaven, let us not forget all of our wondrous technology is from your Hand. May your wisdom be ours and your protection be upon us. May your children be safe from harm, confusion or chaos resulting from too much reliance on technology rather than your provision and supply. 
  • We pray the programmers and engineers responsible for the code and machine level programming will make all necessary edits and repairs to keep us safe. 
  • We live in your light Father, not in the light of the world. 
  • We warm ourselves by your fire! Let us be reminded that our lives are in your Hands and you have a plan for our lives to prosper those who obey your command by your Holy Spirit. Isaiah 50:10-11
  • Check in on those who may need help during and incident. 
  • Thank those who may have a tedious and thankless job of maintaining “things” to improve our quality of life. 
  • Familiarize yourself with signs of depression and stress for those who may be impacted by this approaching date. 
  • This can be an extremely challenging time for the engineers and programmers in many disciplines. 
  • Insure your church and city ministry have a Ministry Continuity Plan so that systems will be in place and the mission will not fail due to lack of care for internal and external systems.
  • Keep in mind, 90% of those in crisis will ask “Where is God in this?” It’s a time to share with a trusted friend the Good News of Jesus Christ in the midst of bad news. Or, you may be called upon to be the bearer of good news to clergy especially if those who have not prepared their flock spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically for uncertain times. 
  • Your testimony grounded upon the word of God leading up to such an event, or during the event, could lead someone to the saving knowledge of Christ.

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