Downloadable "Church Preparedness" Sermons Available


A set of messages on"Church Emergency Preparedness and Response," is available for download to help educate and prepare today's Church to respond personally and corporately to crisis. Prepared by CEN ministry partners, these messages can be used, referenced and distributed...consider folding them into your current plans in response to September's National Preparedness Month, or plan now to schedule a similar series!

Equipping congregations to "Be Ready" and to"Be There" with the Hope of Christ in any crisis through effective prayer, responsible and compassionate care of themselves and others, using tools to share Christ effectively in any disaster -- is essential to pastoring well in our time.

The Preparedness series utilizes three sets of four-week sermons under the headings of Before It Happens…While It Happens…and Since It Happened.

Statistics show that 90% of U.S. citizens, including Christians, are in denial concerning personal readiness and response to any potential crisis whether man-made or natural. While children are being prepared in schools, and businesses are preparing in the workplace, who is preparing the vast majority of church attendees? When was the last time you held a fire drill to evacuate your congregation on a Sunday? If you don't equip your flock to survive and be fruitful, who will?

Guide your congregation to "Be Ready" and "Be There" to respond before, during or after any disaster -whether large or small -in a healthy and spiritually expansive way through CEN's comprehensive practical application-oriented FREE sermon series on Personal Readiness and Church Response to Disasters. It's the first basic step for you - help them be ready.

In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and three nationally recognized pastors, CEN offers three separate sets of four-week-each sermons, including additional preaching tools to help your congregation prepare for, respond to, and recover from the inevitable emergencies in life.

By preaching from the first in the series, Before It Happens, each week your congregation will take practical steps in applying Biblical truth: preparing a family plan for emergencies, preparing a 72-hour emergency supply kit (complete with spiritual aids to give away), becoming informed with accurate timely information to help themselves and others, and learning how to reach out to your community as a beacon of Hope before any crisis occurs.

The second and third four-week sermon sets may be kept in your files for when an event occurs. While It Happens will assist you to lead your congregation through any disaster. Completing the series, you will want to use Since It Happened for long-term personal, church and community recovery.These sermons were designed to be highly effective to reach out to your local community with the Hope of Christ in stressful times and sustain the church growth you experience as a result of timely leadership when disasters occur.

In addition to the spiritual preparation from the use of the series, help your congregation to identify the hazards they may face, help them learn how to protect their families and how to recognize and reduce negativity and increase the positive spiritual impact of any emergency. Whether at home, in the car or workplace your congregation will be better prepared to survive, help others and minimize loss.

It is proven that the most beneficial time for souls spiritually is in the long-term effective recovery from disaster. From your perspective in leading your flock, two days early in beginning this series is better than one day late to prepare them, to lead them and to help them recover.