DHS Announces HELP for Targeted Churches


CEN Advisory 7.30.20
Phoenix,  AZ

DHS Announces HELP for Targeted Churches

Christians who are AWARE of our times, and READY, will be THERE responding as Jesus would when asked: “Where is God in this?” 
1. Be Aware

In recent weeks Christian churches in the U.S. have experienced a marked increase in hostilities such as arson, social media threats, online hacking, physical threats as well vandalism on a profound scale. Historic churches have been targeted in Washington, DC, larger churches in megacities have faced cybercrimes, and smaller churches have been vandalized in rural areas. Here are just a few recent news reports: 
Florida Church Statue Beheaded
Virginia Church Pastor Attacked
Fairfax County Church Stabbing Incident
Church Attacks Explode
Church Attacked in CA and FL Arsons

CEN National Safety Security Officer Darryl Walker says: “CEN is grateful for the new Cybersecurity and Infrastructure (CISA) Faith-based Website which provides access to information that supports efforts to secure churches or ministry gatherings whether large or small. In addition, the website contains a self-assessment tool that is designed for individuals as well as security teams with little or no experience to take the first step in knowing their risks and capabilities to develop customized security plans even in the midst of escalating civil unrest.”

DHS CISA Assistant Director Brian Harrell reminded faith leaders today in the House of worship website announcement that CISA also maintains regional offices with Protective Service Advisers (PSA) who can assist in enhancing security at houses of worship and related facilities through assessments, exercises, training, and other tangible capabilities.” Access: CISA Catalog.

Applauding DHS’s website resource CEN’s Founder and President Mary Marr said: “Given the escalation in attacks on churches CEN was appointed by Acting Secretary Chad Wolf to provide recommendations on Preventing Targeted Violence Against Faith Communities. This announcement today is a tangible step DHS CISA has taken, subsequent to our committee findings, in recognizing and addressing the need for those with the responsibility to secure their church, ministry facility, including small group gatherings to be able to access basic resources and connect with their State or local PSA to receive help with assessing their unique risks, developing security plans, and timely actionable information related to securing their facilities ongoing.”

2. Be Ready

CEN has developed three basic guides to assist you or your church, whether it is currently meeting on or off-site factoring in the COVID19 local protocols to be ready to respond biblically to emergencies, including security incidents both large and small. To find out more about CEN online training or self-study guides:



3. Be There

Pray for:

  • All those in authority to put aside self-serving motives and govern with a wise heart, accepting God’s commands and instruction. 
  • Protection and wisdom for the President of the United States and Acting Secretary Chad Wolf as he gives a firm voice and direction to the adherence of constitutional law supporting our basic freedom to worship and share the Gospel.
  • All first responders who are placing their lives in harm's way whether as medical personnel or law enforcement to protect us with wisdom and strength. 
Care for:
  • Your Family by getting your own ReadyChristian household in order with a readiness plan to respond with the Hope of Christ in the midst of any crisis. I Peter 3:15 
  • Your Church leadership by helping the ReadyChurch security teams to assess their unique risks and prepare to address the community risks while at the same time creating a welcoming environment to respond to the dire economic community needs unfolding. 
  • Your Church by getting your ReadyChurch prepared whether on-site or off-site due to COVID19.
Share for:
  • Those who are hurting such as facing losses from family members who have died of COVID19, business vandalism, or housing losses that Jesus is their Hope and strength in the midst of the pain. I John 3:17
  • Local law enforcement how much you appreciate their willingness to serve your security needs and protect your rights to share the Gospel freely, especially in light of so much discord and division. Just your thank you will speak the Gospel! I Thessalonians 5:18

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