DHS announces “Targeted Violence Against Faith-Based Communities” Committee


Phoenix, AZ  July 16th 2019

DHS announces “Targeted Violence Against Faith-Based Communities” Committee

Mary Marr, CEN Founder and President named by the Department of Homeland Security as co-vicechair of the DHS HSAC (Homeland Security Advisory Council) sub-committee on Targeted Violence against Faith Communities



In an online posting dated July 16th, 2019 DHS Secretary stated: "The right to practice our respective religions free of interference or fear is one of our nation's most fundamental and indelible rights.Therefore, the targeting of houses of worship by violent extremists of any ideology is particularly abhorrent and must be prevented. The HSAC Subcommittee will provide findings and recommendations that will assist DHS in identifying additional lines of effort needed, validating the Department's prevention framework that is under development, and examining whether the Department's capabilities need to be adjusted to account for the threat posed by domestic violent extremists in order to keep houses of worship safe, secure, and resilient."

Christian Emergency Network has, for the past 20 years, been on the forefront of raising awareness of all Faith Based Organizations, and has called for training and uniformity in instituting FEMA’S Incident Command Structure within the faith community, in order to facilitate a smooth transition for First Responders arriving on scene at a critical event. 

Mary Marr, CEN Founder and President stated: "The Department of Homeland Security is demonstrating their resolve in strengthening prevention measures to protect lives, which are urgently needed to respond to the increasing threats against churches and all houses of worship nationwide."

DHS further stated, “In response to the Secretary’s request, the HSAC has formed a Subcommittee for the Prevention of Targeted Violence Against Faith-Based Communities. Houses of worship and faith-based nonprofit organizations dedicate resources to local communities and often serve as the social and moral beacons people rely on in times of trouble.”

Mary Marr also stated: “The committee will also examine and make recommendations to build the capacity of the church to conduct threat assessments, train security teams and put crisis communications in place in conjunction with local law enforcement. Our goal is to provide timely and effective training to sustain a secure place of worship with ministry continuity,  In doing so, our churches will be safe, secure, and welcoming to the communities they serve. Would you covenant with us to pray for the DHS committee and its leadership, that they may find favor and work effectively to recommend solutions to protecting our churches and their flocks?”

You can click here, so the see full DHS press release and list of committee members.


CEN continues to monitor the threat/risk situation and advise there are no known active threats at this time to the Christian community. However, churches are wise to maintain awareness, prepare their congregations spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to share Christ in the midst of any crisis large or small. ReadyChristianReadyChurchReadyCity

Click here for resource on pre-indicators
CEN Advisors and State Safety Security Officers stand ready to assist your congregation to implement plans to keep your congregation safe. ReadyChurch training will help you develop emergency plans, manage resources, conduct risk/threat assessments and prepare each congregant to be part of an overall response. Learn more about becoming a Safety Security Officer in your church or community CEN SSO 101 webinar.
 Please God, rescue me! Come quickly, Lord and help me. Please hurry to my aid, O God, You are my helper and my Savior. O Lord do not delay!  Psalm 70:1,5


“If You See Something, Say Something”

Christians are reminded to call local law enforcement or 911 to report any constitutionally unprotected suspicious activity such as those who are:

  • Providing material support to violent groups.
  • Engaging in violent messaging via email, online, or social media. 
  • Participating in surveillance activities including service times, entry/exits and parking lots.
  • Acquiring suspicious quantities of ammunition, explosives, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, gasoline, propane or fertilizer, or conducting activities using storage facilities to construct explosive devices.


    • For those in church leadership nationwide to be mindful of the safety of their flock and take responsible appropriate actions. Acts 20: 28 -29

    • For church and ministry Safety Security teams to have the wisdom of Solomon and the willingness of Esther to stand in the gap. John 15:13


    • For first responders by encouraging and thanking those who are charged with protecting the flock.

    • For you own church security team and consider how you can you support the team.  


    • CEN’s ReadyChristianReadyChurch and ReadyCity books with your church leadership including security team to turn any crisis into an opportunity for the Gospel.

    • Your name, contact information, and your church emergency plans with local law enforcement so they know you are ready to stand with them for support in any crisis.

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