Christians Called Upon to Offer Hope of Christ to Victims of Katrina

With victims of Hurricane Katrina and the relief workers assisting them just beginning to comprehend the full impact of the storm, Christian Emergency Network (CEN) Founder and CEO Mary Marr said, "Now, more than ever, as people just begin to grasp the full impact of the losses they've incurred - from loved ones to livelihoods - it is imperative that Christians bring forth a message of prayer-care-share that shows the hope found only in Christ."


Specific prayer requests are listed below, and those wishing to find additional prayer resources may visit, [PRAYER]

  • That those who have suffered the loss of a loved one will experience the peace found only in Jesus;
  • That Christians will be granted wisdom and discernment by God to know how best to respond to those who have experienced such losses;
  • That those in life threatening situations will be discovered and helped;
  • That limited emergency response resources will be used wisely;
  • Protection for rescue workers and for emotional and physical stamina and strength.



Marr also pointed out that Christians are showing they care through the work of the Salvation Army, Operation Blessing, various Southern Baptist groups and other ministries such as Mennonite, Nazarene Disaster, Brethren U.S.A. and United Methodist disaster services. The Association of Gospel Missions reported that most, if not all of their affiliates remained open for those in need. Phil Rydman with the organization reported, "According to Henry Martin at the Shreveport Rescue Mission, they have been ministering to about 800 refugees from southern Louisiana who drove to Shreveport to escape the storm."

As floodwaters recede and authorities open roads into affected areas, the Salvation Army is prepared to continue to meet the immediate life sustaining needs of individuals and families in communities tormented by Hurricane Katrina. "We are prepared to respond to a multitude of needs in many of the communities affected by Hurricane Katrina," said Bill Feist, Emergency Disaster Services Director for The Salvation Army's Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi Division. "We are anticipating serving a large number of people for a long time. As long as there is a need The Salvation Army will be there to serve."

There are also churches that will need churches to consider partnering with them to help care for their needs. For instance, Jim Snider of the Evangelical Free Church of America reports that at least two of their churches in New Orleans have been affected, and funds will be needed for those rebuilding efforts. He also relayed an uplifting account of a pastor who assisted dozens to escape the storm.

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"There are any number of ministries through which Christians can share their faith at this time," said Marr. She noted that [NeedHim] needs volunteers to share their faith with callers. And, in addition to the Salvation Army and Operation Blessing, other organizations can be contacted directly for those wanting to volunteer. Among those serving the victims are United Methodist Relief, Christian World Reform, Church World Service, Nazarene Disaster Services, Mennonite Disaster Services, Brethren Church U.S.A. and Southern Baptist Men. To learn about additional share resources, visit, [SHARE]

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