Christian Counseling Resources

CEN responds to emergencies both large and small. Christian counselors Bobbie Rill and Shirley Goodman team up to launch the CEN Crisis Counseling response group. Plans are underway to develop topical crisis related resources in the Christian Emergency Directory on pressing issues as the crisis of job loss, suicide, and the emergency of the loss of a spouse through separation or divorce.

Both Bobbie and Shirley bring a wealth of years of counseling experience with adults and children to the CEN ministry.

Now CEN chapter leaders and Ready Churches will have the support of their expertise as they face numerous issues well served locally with biblically based resources, referrals, and training. Christian first responders will be served in their own well-being as they minister in the fields of disaster themselves.

Log onto the CED to find out more of the resources that they offer as well as additional material on counseling and dealing with personal crises.