CEN Responds to West Freeway Church: “How are you holding up?”


January 1, 2020
Phoenix,  AZ
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CEN Responds to West Freeway Church: “How are you holding up?”


After the Sunday attack December 29, 2019 at the West Freeway Church in White Settlement, Texas CEN National Share Officer, ReadyTX Chaplain and trauma specialist, Dr. Ed Smith reported from the scene: “Evil walked into West Freeway Church of Christ leaving death and destruction in its wake. Yet, Hope was “THERE” and it’s presence has begun the long road to recovery. Even though grieving, Christian resiliency was exhibited by church members who arrived for a special service on Monday night.

Dr. Smith stood at the ready as a “watchman on the wall” (Ezekiel 33:6) responding to those gathered for their spontaneous church service. Dr. Smith told CEN Founder and President, Mary Marr: “The survivors were supported by a community who came to stand with them in a prayer vigil. Trauma and grief counselors and chaplains were present asking survivors: ‘How are you holding up?’ You could see the strength of that Hope in those gathered even to just whisper conversations with those that just wanted a moment to gather themselves or reflect or share a thought. The assembled body of Christ was the first step on the journey of hope and healing.” 


How should you approach someone like the survivors of the TX Church? Ask: “How are you HOLDING UP?” and “How can I PRAY for you?” then LISTEN!

How should your Church respond after the TX Church incident? Be Prepared for any type of crisis, large or small, including having a Security team in place.
Church Safety Security 101 - 30 minutes

See Something Say Something resources

How should your Christian community respond? Start gathering the contact information of the Christian churches, ministries, radio stations, chaplains, and schools in your zip code, map out the locations which are in close proximity, and host a Citywide Church/Ministry Community Need gathering to work together rather than separately using the steps found in CEN’s:



  • Pray for your family, ministry and church to be ready responders, who will be “There” long after the media lights go out, ministering to those in shock asking: “Where is God in this?”
  • Pray for our U.S. law enforcement to implement the recommendations from the “Preventing Targeted Violence in Faith-based Organizations” IMMEDIATELY before more lives are lost. 


  • Care for those who are following the news, even if they are not at the scene like pastors and leaders responsible for security our churches, asking: “How are you holding up knowing there may be more attacks on churches in the U.S.?” Offer CEN Resources as a help to them in their point of need.  
  • Care for your own family by completing the ReadyChristian training to show you understand the threats/risks of our time and that your care for your family? If not, start the New Year right by getting them ready to respond to all kinds of emergencies. 



  • Share with those God places in your path: “We never know the day or the hour that we may face something like what the West Freeway Church experienced this week, but right now, by receiving the FREE gift of salvation to all who believe,  you can have peace with God.” Romans 10:13
  • Share encouraging words with first responders: “Because I have Peace and Hope in Jesus Christ, I stand with you, as partners in times of crisis.”

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