CEN Partners with Meet The Need to Strengthen Christian Collaboration in Times of Disaster


CEN Phoenix, AZ  –Christian Emergency Network and Meet the Need provides the ability for Christians and churches to electronically post needs in their local community as well as find opportunities to respond to together as a ReadyCity.  Meet the Need is a robust online case management system that shares the needs of one church to allow the response to be spread among many churches.  This allows the body of Christ to come together electronically around critical needs and respond physically to the needs in the community.  

Supporting the role of Care Officer in the CEN infrastructure, this partnership increases the effectiveness the ReadyChurch has in becoming spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically ready to stand strong responding in any crisis.

In times of disaster, it takes a coordinated effort to manage the response effectively to meet all the needs created. Many people want to help following an incident, but often do not know where the greatest needs are, or what is actually needed. The partnership between CEN and Meet the Need helps to bridge this gap by training and providing the resources needed to be aware, ready and there in a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical capacity to respond in times of disaster.

Many churches find this process challenging. Meet The Need provides free, collaboration software that enables the Christian community to collaborate online and increase their reach and effectiveness in helping meet others’ needs. This service specifically allows the Christian community to:

  • Better Serve the Community with Very Little Additional Staff Time and Effort
  • See the Impact Made  in the Community on a Private “Dashboard”
  • Recruit Volunteers for Internal and Outreach Needs
  • Obtain Resources from Local Individuals, Companies or other Churches and Ministries
  • Stay in Touch Easily with Those Helped in the Past or Those Who’ve Contributed Time or Resources to the Response Effort
  • Seamlessly Partner with other Local Christian Organizations, Thereby Uniting the Body of Christ
  • Run Bigger Outreach Events Using a Highly-Efficient System for Obtaining and Coordinating Volunteers and Resources
  • ...and Much More!

Meet The Need brings a Fortune 500 caliber solution to unite and mobilize the body of Christ to serve those in need. As a 501(c)3, Meet The Need gives this all away.  Meet The Need's heart is simply to see churches and ministries having a bigger impact in their communities and around the world.  

CEN has partnered with Meet the Need, a not-for-profit charity whose mission is to dramatically increase the impact churches and ministries have in their communities by mobilizing more people to loving acts of service, to help strengthen the Christian response in times of disaster.