CEN Ministry Partners - Sites of Colorado Shootings

Phoenix, AZ - Christian Emergency Network (CEN) joins with other ministries in conveying sorrow and prayer support to those affected by the shootings in Colorado, calling on Christian believers to do the same.

The Christmas Message Answers the Colorado Shootings

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December 9, 2007 (Phoenix, AZ) - Christian Emergency Network (CEN) joins with other ministries in conveying sorrow and prayer support to those affected by today's shootings in Colorado, calling on Christian believers to do the same.

Mary Marr, CEN's founder and chairman, states, "The shootings in Colorado today at the training center of our CEN partner, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), point directly to the reason why we need to be vigilant and ready in our troubled times ready to care for others tangibly, never knowing the day or hour and then ready to share the Light of the World Jesus in the midst of a broken world with broken hearts."

YWAM's worldwide training ministry was instrumental through their Prayer Booths in the streets surrounding the World Trade Center during 9/11. And now another CEN ministry partner, New Life Church in Colorado Springs, is another shooting site today.

Marr continues, "The only One who can heal the broken heart for all eternity is the precious baby born at Christmas who was both human, feeling our pain, and also divine, being able to heal our pain. When tragedies such as these occur, the response of Christians must be to pray for and care for those affected, and to also share Christ, the Light of the World, sensitively and clearly. Christians must be ready to give the answer for the Hope within them when hearts who are hurting seek to know where God is in all of this.Today marks again another reminder for us to sound the bugle call to Christians across our nation to Be Aware and Be Ready."

Boulder, Colorado's YWAM Darv Smith reported on Fox News,"People from YWAM were taken away to give their full witness accounts. YWAM dormitory guests that night did not know the assailant." YWAM's official press release was released earlier today.

Is your church or organization asking, "Are we next?,"  You can take a step today to be a Ready Church/Ministry.

CEN asks believers to kneel with Christian brothers and sisters in the Denver/Colorado Springs areas in the next several weeks as they share their story of being "Light" in the midst of this darkness. And, CEN invites you to share how you, your family, church or organization is sharing Christ amidst these events. Simply email them to mail@christianemergencynetwork.org.

Let us pray for YWAM and New Life Church, that they will be given strength and grace to pray for and care for those who have afflicted them. Pray that there will be open doors to share Christ's gospel and comfort with the survivors. Ask God to help the leaders of both these organizations to be quick to give an answer for the Hope within them despite their trauma and sorrow, and that they would be particularly bold and clear when speaking with the national media who may endeavor to suppress the Biblical perspective.

Let us also pray for first responders, such as CEN partner Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's Rapid Response Team, the Salvation Army and many others who will be caring for the physical and spiritual needs of the affected over the next several days.

For those in the Denver area, care for the families of the victims and the family of the perpetrator in tangible ways as Jesus would to earn the right to share the Light of Christ.

Share with Christians around the nation how you, your church or ministry have decided to Be There bringing Light to the darkness of today's emergency. Email CEN and we'll help spread the stories - mail@christianemergencynetwork.org.

A spiritual tool to help those without a personal relationship with Christ can be found at www.whendisasterstrikes.com. For many, it will be hard to understand how young people training at YWAM to help others find the Light of the World could be shooting targets. This broken world will see a brighter day when Jesus Christ returns. Learn more at 1-888-NeedHim.