CEN Glendale Chapter to be National Model for Working with Local EOCs

CEN Glendale AZ was formed this month and will become a national model of local CEN chapters working directly with local emergency managers within the Emergency Operations Center. CEN Glendale brings volunteers, resources and most importantly a response before, during and after emergencies of all kinds. The Glendale EOC is a new state of the art facility which has gained national recognition for the most cutting edge technology and on-site services. Mary Marr, Founder and President of the national Christian Emergency Network met with CEN State and Chapter Development Director and CEN Glendale AZ Opal Evans this week to discuss how to best develop the relationship with the EOC in Glendale under the direction of Rob Gunther. They discussed building Glendale capacity to respond, the need for protocols for non-activation as well as activation in the EOC, and how to best provide all CEN local chapters with the model specifics to replicate in their cities. Over the next weeks, Opal Evans will meet with CEN State Directors and local chapter leaders to follow the progress of this initiative.