CEN announces Christian Pandemic Preparedness Training


CEN Advisory 3.1.20
Phoenix,  AZ

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CEN announces Christian Pandemic Preparedness Training


As Chicago, IL marks another case in the U.S. of the COVID19 virus which continues to spread throughout the world no one will be unscathed and totally unaffected, even those who do not become ill. Prudence dictates as Christians we should be aware and prepared, not just for our own safety, but to minister in any possible emergency.  

On March 4th  CEN will be conducting Live One Hour sessions of the Christian Pandemic Preparedness Training. for Six Weeks. The online training will consist of a COVID19 briefing, preparedness training, and Q/A with CEN Advisors. 

Here is why the CEN U.S. Team is taking this step:

  • News reports indicate 8400 individuals are quarantined in California, hundreds more around the country
  • COVID19 is now confirmed in 60 countries
  • New infections are confirmed person-to-person in US and The State of Washington declares emergency after one fatality 
  • Stock markets are down 10% in the U.S. in just a few days
  • Schools are closed in many worldwide locations
  • Some patients are mysteriously re-infected after thought cured
  • Disruptions in critical supply chains are occurring. i.e. 85% of 
  • medications used in the U.S. have some essential compound which comes from China

Cities in Asia and Europe are on partial lockdown, schools are closing in Japan, and worldwide financial markets are in shambles. Those of us who are not yet affected may easily think this is a minor blip that will pass, so why worry? The short answer is only the Lord is able to provide guidance for the future! The reality is PREPAREDNESS is key. Just over a week ago citizens in North Italy were walking around as if they had no care in the world, only to experience a major strike of Coronavirus, closing factories, schools, churches, public events and bringing most commerce to a halt. One school in Oregon was closed for disinfecting just as a precautionary step.


We have an opportunity to look back at locations where the virus has spread, and have an opportunity to learn from the experience of others on what steps we should take. While we pray for the best, prudence dictates as King Solomon said we should remove our “denial blindfold” and see the potential dangers.  What should churches, schools and businesses do now?
Leaders would be wise to think through contingency plans on how operations would continue in schools, churches, businesses and other endeavors should people become seriously ill. 
Churches should have their own contingency plans in place should they need to lift services for a period of time. Online services, giving and a means to communicate with congregants will help sustain the vital ministry on which congregations will depend upon more heavily than ever. ReadyChurch will help you develop your Church Emergency Operation and Ministry Continuity Plans.
Schools would be wise to start separating students to avoid close contact and explain to parents the guidelines on when the school may be dismissed beforehand as the CDC indicates we will see a spread in the U.S. It is time to review your pandemic protocols with staff and students to avoid unnecessary confusion and disruption. Ensure you have your School Emergency Team in place as an incident like this requires more than one Principal to manage effectively. To access CEN’s School Continuity Plan.

Families, ask yourself if I needed to quarantine without further notice, what items when I need in my house? Then, make a list and put those items aside, and plan on a potential of 30 days. When you acquire things are going to use anyway you’re simply investing in insurance and not losing any money because you will be using up your supplies anyway. For a complete supply list access ReadyChristian.
Those in locations caught unaware of the virus had little opportunity to become ready. Today, each Christian in an unaffected area has an opportunity to take reasonable steps.


By taking steps in advance Christians will be able to “Be There” to support others. When Joseph was putting aside supplies those supplies were not to be used only by the family but to protect the nation of Egypt and Israel! If we ourselves are scrambling we are going to have a difficult time helping others.


  • Pray for guidance given these and other reports based upon King Solomon who wrote, “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.” (Proverbs 23:3)
  • Pray for those who are honestly trying to find answers to save lives and treat those who are affected. 
  • Pray for those with nefarious motives to be redeemed. 


Care for your family and others to move hearts to seek Him:
  • Gather 30-60 days of supplies of food, cash, and medicine to self or directed quarantine. Keep your gas tanks filled up. You will use it anyway so be prepared!
  • Set an example for others by washing your hands, keeping sanitizer within reach, and staying out of close proximity crowded spaces.
  • Lovingly care for others by stocking up on some extra supplies. In Noah’s day people would have believed building an ark was ridiculous. And, perhaps many in Egypt felt it was silly as Joseph was filling the storehouse during times of plenty. Trust and obey!
  • Consider a ministry of contacting those who are contained, send notes of encouragement, or text with a scripture for the day.


Share the words of Hope found only in Christ with those around you:
  • “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)
  • Being aware and properly prepared in advance will allow us to minister the love of Christ through any emergency - be ready when those around you ask: “Where is God in this?”
  • Be prepared to share the Gospel with those who have not heeded the prep warning by providing Bibles, books and other materials that may assist in bringing others to Christ. 
CEN is an All Volunteer ministry of the Widow’s Mite Foundation 501c3