Cash Donations Most Critical Need for Ministries Serving Victims of Katrina

With Christian relief workers now having had time to assess the widespread death and damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, Christian Emergency Network (CEN) Founder and CEO Mary Marr said that is clear that the most pressing need is cash donations to those already on the ground in stricken areas.

Marr pointed out that donations made through CEN go to organizations committed to sharing the Gospel as they deliver aid. "Ninety percent of a person's donation is distributed directly to CEN organizations providing direct high impact assistance to the most critical point of need for Hurricane Katrina victims. CEN supports organizations that are committed to combining prayer, caring relief efforts while sharing the hope of Jesus Christ through this crisis."  She continued, "Just ten percent of the donation supports the ministry of CEN in its critical mission of unifying the Body of Christ through a unified prayer-care-share response before, during and after national disasters. This is accomplished through media/ministry collaboration, providing information and programming to all of forms of media, preparedness education, and providing a conduit for celebration of those making decisions to follow Christ."

Meanwhile, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco asked for prayers (listed below) and Greater Calling is hosting a free conference prayer call at 5 p.m. PDT. To learn more, visit, Those wishing to find additional prayer resources, click here. To read a Crosswalk article about prayer concerns, visit
Here are the prayer requests requested by Gov. Blanco:

  • For search and rescue efforts, that God would continue to give physical and emotional strength to rescue personnel, survivors will be discovered, and fresh rescuers can replace exhausted workers;
  • Wisdom and resources for those who are responsible for planning and coordinating the transfer of the 25,000 evacuees form the Superdome; that God's hand will guide the evacuation of New Orleans hospitals and particularly protect the critically ill;
  • For creativity, equipment and manpower to fill the breeches in the levees allowing water to pour into New Orleans;
  • The end of looting and a restore to law and order; that God would bind the spirit of lawlessness and ask God to release righteousness and the reverent fear of the Lord.

Presently, scores of ministries, including the Salvation Army, Operation Blessing, Samaritans Purse, and various denominational groups are on the scene demonstrating care for the affected.

Additionally, churches in the area have been impacted significantly and will be in need of support for their congregants, as well as rebuilding. Congregations may consider keeping in touch with the denominational headquarters to find churches to partner with in impacted areas. 

To listen to recorded interviews of Mary Marr and officials of ministries working in the impacted areas, click on a link below. New interviews were added today in addition to:

  • David Waite of Salvation Army: Mobile, AL testimony
  • Luther Harrison of Samaritan's Purse: Convoy enroute to Mobile, AL
  • Jim Snyder of Evangelical Free Church of America: Regarding churches affected
  • Bill Horan: Operation Blessing