Calling ALL Christians: “Bring the Ark!”


As Hurricane Harvey continues to pound Texas and Louisiana with epic rainfall first responder and private citizen rescue efforts are underway. A response resembling the sea of private rescue boats like the rescue armada of Dunkirk during WWII along with dump trucks capable of moving through 20-50 inches of water are transporting approximately 30,000 people into shelters. Professionals estimate over 450,000 people will be needing disaster assistance over the next weeks and months along with several billions of dollars of damage to infrastructure, homes and businesses. While the total loss of life cannot be measured for several weeks, the U.S. has not seen anything close to this magnitude since Katrina. 

FEMA Administrator Brock Long says over 50 county jurisdictions will be affected. He is calling for every TX and LA citizen to listen to local officials and heed warnings. He asks all forms of media to support a nationally unified and organized local response effort where every citizen assists in some way. He reminds those needing help to contact 1-800-621-FEMA. With all the local physical saving rescue efforts of the Federal, State, Local government along with private citizen response this crisis still begs the question - What should our nation’s local churches do to share the Hope of Christ effectively? 

An epic-size rebuilding can only come with the wisdom and good judgment of God (Proverbs 8:12). All throughout biblical history in crisis, God calls His people back to Himself, first and foremost. Rebuilding will not take place in an atmosphere of pride, arrogance, corruption or deceit. Rather, sound rebuilding of communities will only come with an attitude seeking the wisdom and good judgment of God. When missionaries founded Corpus Christi many years ago, they envisioned a community founded upon God. Sadly, many in our nation have walked away from that covenant with Him. God is giving Christians just like in the days of Nehemiah another opportunity, just like the missionaries, to rebuild based upon His statutes.


After September 11, 2001 CEN developed FREE ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch, ReadyCity trainings to help families, churches, and cities agree to: organize around common Christian doctrine; identify community needs together; raise up leaders who facilitate the rebuilding of broken walls; and to be ready and respond, not as ‘event driven institutions’ rather ‘locally driven responsive Christ-like organisms’, where Jesus guides the money, methods, and message!

CEN Advisors, Safety Security Officers and partners are monitoring developments, assessing the damage and needs, collaborating with and responding to partners on the ground, and providing information to the broader CEN to inspire a biblical response to Hurricane Harvey. Given less than 1% of churches have their own Ministry Continuity Plans or Emergency Operations Plans in place, CEN will be highlighting key resources during the Harvey response for the Church – those who have taken seriously this yet another “wake up call” from God to their own readiness. CONTACT CEN Advisor 

CEN is assisting ReadyChurch and ReadyCity partners who would like to deploy or assist in the direct response. And, CEN is advising local city officials and law enforcement on how best to work together with the faith community in rebuilding. If you have completed ReadyChurch or ReadyCity training, with your Christian ICS team in place, and would like to deploy to TX or LA, please CONTACT US Subject line: Deployment Assistance. 



  • The tropical storm will not reconstitute in the Gulf bringing more devastation over the next several days. 
  • Survivors who are still in harm’s way will be rescued and call upon Jesus
  • Residents will listen to and heed the warnings of officials 
  • First responders and citizen rescuers will be safe, efficient and effective in saving lives
  • Shelters will be “force multiplied” as the need arises
  • Neighbors to help neighbors which Glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ 
  • Pastors to lead congregations out detachment into a “Real Time Jesus Response” 


  • Donate your time and resources to your local CEN ReadyChurch or ReadyCity Hurricane Harvey response effort. 
  • Offer to help CEN ReadyTX Advisor Ed Smith who is responding. CONTACT US
  • Equip you and your family to respond in any crisis whether large like Hurricane Harvey or small, be a ReadyChristian
  • Thank a local first responder, whether they are deploying or not.
  • Prepare your team now to respond during the recovery stage, three or four weeks from now, when the media lights are dimming but when the Gospel has the best opportunity of being fruitful. 


  • Forward CEN advisories for Christian friends and family to become aware, ready and there sharing Christ 
  • Forward stories how Jesus met a Hurricane survivor at their point of need through all forms of communication to encourage others to seek Jesus for themselves
  • Text someone in the affected area, whether survivor or responder, reminding them of a Scripture verse and let them know you are praying for them by name
  • Share the Hope of Jesus “even when the earth falls into the sea” (Psalm 138) with anyone who remarks about the pain of Harvey