ALERT: Hurricane Irene – Don't WAIT

Christians in the U.S. eastern coastal regions are asking CEN what to do given Hurricane Irene. CEN prayerfully urges churches throughout the eastern coastal region to begin evacuating their homes and churches NOW before Saturday when emergency management may give orders to evacuate. “A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” Proverbs 22:3 NIV” Leaving on Saturday may be too late!

The CEN newsroom has confirmed reliable reports which indicate Hurricane Irene may be as devastating as the 1938 Hurricane, with similar patterns and water surges over 10 -15 feet. Given the large population areas along the east coast this would make evacuations difficult at best and damage unprecedented.

Remember, I Peter says “Be Ready to give an answer for the Hope of Christ within.” That means the first thing a Christian should do is prepare to survive themselves in order to respond to any emergency well as a faithful peaceful follower of Christ. Christians need to pray for God’s leading and timing to evacuate. Care for others by adding more supplies to your survival kits, and be ready to share the Hope of Christ with those who will be asking “Where is God in this?”

Dr. Jeff Masters a hurricane and tropical storm specialist with sound analysis in the past acknowledges that the best analysis is not a guarantee of 100% accuracy. For example, a small change in course can have profound impact on landfall, damages and loss of life. He would also say it is impossible to predict with accuracy where and how a storm will impact a specific area, therefore encouraging widespread and reasonable preparations are essential.

The major danger from Hurricane Irene may be from flooding and rainfall on an already saturated area. Windfall is likely to be a secondary affect. Past experience with hurricanes documents that storm surge is by far the greatest killer and destroyer of property. For example, a 10-15 foot storm surge will penetrate far inland, historically reaching up to several miles, depending upon the elevation.

The factors cited for determining severe storm surge include the wind speed, size of storm and projected time of landfall at high tide.  When the storm is making landfall and the total storm surge is verified it is too late to move out of harm’s way. Those steps MUST be taken in advance. For example, during the Hurricane Camille landfall, 30 residents of a condo decided to have a hurricane party not believing or responding to the calls of emergency management and were all killed by the storm surge.

The catastrophic damage would mandate that evacuations would be done sooner not later and be done even if an area may be bypassed given a slight turn of the storm. For those who feel CEN is making a dramatic warning, imagine a 10-15 foot wall of water being pushed on shore with a power of a tsunami. In addition to the wind damage and battering waves, the areas that are in the most direct path of the storm there is literally no physical defense.

While you may not be in harm’s way, biblically we need to be ready for any emergency. For information on how your church maybe become a ReadyChurch log onto

For more information on storm surges:

The Situation
Freeport, Bahamas

ReadyCity | Freeport: Administrator, pastor, and operational physician Dr. Kelafo Collie reports the southern and central islands' cell phone and texting capabilities are being affected. Power companies are cutting water and power today. No internet tomorrow.

Pray for needs

  • Join Hurricane 2011 Response Group
  • Communication lines to stay open.
  • Solar devices, radio supplies, energy and water systems.
  • Christians who still need to prepare to shelter with food, water, medicines.
  • Dr. Collie’s leadership- four churches leading and several networks
  • Pray-Care-Share teams up and running!

Any CEN partner able to provide assistance please log onto - Hurricane Irene 2011 Response group or contact CEN Communications director Misti McHatton: