Advisory | Praise HIM for Mike and Sherry Buresh!


The Christian Emergency Network, an all volunteer locally driven crisis response ministry of the Widow’s Mite Foundation, a 501c3, is grateful to announce Mike and Sherry Buresh have joined the national CEN team as Logistics Officers and Disaster Response Directors.

Sherry is well known in the Christian response community along with her husband Mike. As a couple they have been bringing the Hope of Christ as emergency responders to thousands of hurting and disaster affected survivors of crisis nationwide for decades. A massive outpouring of respect, love and support for Mike and Sherry has flowed into CEN this week as a result of their coming on board. Sherry has consulted with CEN for the past several years. However, this new role will allow both of them to guide, train and coach CEN partners in all phases of large scale disaster response. Sherry says: “CEN provides a pathway for us to minister as a couple to the spiritual, emotional, mental, as well as physical needs of those in crisis sharing the Hope of Christ and supporting our many friends and partners in emergency response nationwide.”

Now CEN will be able to offer ReadyCity groups the expertise of “on the ground” coaching, training, and guidance needed during large scale disasters, such as Hurricane Michael, turning the Panhandle of Florida from a ‘crisis zone’ to Hope for years to come.

Sherry Buresh brings her heart of compassion and vast expertise in the area of volunteer organization, mobilization, and training to the CEN.

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Mike Buresh brings his wealth of experience in the areas of logistics, operations and disaster response planning to the CEN.

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Currently, Mike and Sherry are assessing Hurricane Michael’s damage and where and when to bring in volunteers to begin serving the most urgent needs in the most underserved areas. If you are READY and would like to VOLUNTEER alongside Mike and Sherry please go to:

Contact US

DONATIONS are URGENTLY needed for Mike and Sherry to get READY to assess areas with the greatest need and begin to set up Hurricane Michael Volunteer Reception Centers to register volunteers, make assignments, train and respond directly to survivors needing property cleanup, guidance on services, and to provide information which will support CEN relief organizational partners in the field.

All donations will go directly to the Hurricane Michael 2018 Response.




  • Pray for RESPONDERS Mike and Sherry as they travel safely and quickly to Florida to assess the greatest need.
  • Pray for VOLUNTEERS who will register today for Hurricane Michael 2018 to help clean up and provide other needed services.
  • Pray for DONATIONS to come in quickly to be able to set up operations and begin delivery of service to the hardest hit areas.


  • Care for first RESPONDERS Sherry and Mike Buresh by supporting their sacrificial work in helping survivors of Hurricane Michael by volunteering alongside them.
  • Care for the SURVIVORS of Hurricane Michael by donating to help them clean up and repossess their homes.


  • Share your thoughts and prayers with first RESPONDERS who are tired and need encouragement for the long response ahead.
  • Share Christian books and other encouraging messages with SURVIVORS as they may have lost everything, including their Bibles and inspirational keepsakes and pictures of family.

CEN brings not only immediate response but stays well after the “media lights go out” leaving a ReadyCity capable of recovery, where the Gospel is best shared, for years to come. Mike and Sherry are seasoned in turning a disaster into God’s opportunity! If you would like to donate to Mike and Sherry’s CEN deployment to Hurricane Michael 2018 go to: