Advisory | Out of the Cold

Below normal temperatures are expected in the U.S. Northwest, North and Central Rockies, Central and North Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeast with heavy rains in the Southeast from now until Christmas.


Midwest CEN Advisors are reporting numerous motorists stranded on roads, first responders being forced into all night deployments, and some shelters not at expected full capacity because those in need are concerned about shelter security. 


“CEN ReadyIndy Michael Boler reports: We have activated ReadyIndy and stand ready to respond to those in need. But I am deeply concerned about those who are not responding as a ReadyChristian. It hurts my heart that family members, ministry partners, and those we have tried to equip before this storm landed did not heed the warning and become ready as they may be sitting on the road stranded without a communication plan,  or without water, food, and supplies.”


Winter Storm Checklist >>

Questions to Ask My Church BEFORE Sheltering >>


Pray-Care-Share in the Midst of the Storm



  • For wisdom on how to respond to the winter storm watch 
  • For first responders to remain safe and have much needed breaks
  • For Churches to securely respond with an effective outreach to those in local crisis


  •  Prepare yourself and assist homebound neighbors, friends or family members with emergency transportation or groceries
  • Give first responders “Christmas Thank You” gift cards for risking themselves for your safety
  • Review CEN’s “Questions to Ask Before Sheltering” to determine a secure biblical response to those at risk in winter crisis


  •  Hand deliver Christmas music which clearly presents the Gospel to someone homebound
  • Use words of encouragement like,  “Have a Blessed Christmas!” to a first responder 
  • Ask non-Christians what Christmas means to them and then share what Jesus’s birth means to you