Advisory | Celebrations Remain Attractive Targets

It’s Time to Pray, Care, and Share in this Chaos

November 22, 2016 (Phoenix, AZ) 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation remain concerned that the upcoming holiday celebrations, beginning with Thanksgiving and the start of the shopping season and lasting through the inauguration of the 45th President, could be targeted by international terrorists or homegrown violent extremists. Given the ISIS aspirational statements made recently in Inspire Magazine a heightened vigilance is warranted. Law enforcement officials are reminding us to be aware of suspicious behaviors and potential violent mobilization and to report anything suspicious immediately. CEN security experts are closely monitoring intelligence information and will advise as needed. 

The celebration of the humble birth of our Lord Jesus Christ reminds us to give Him thanks for His sacrificial life in that whosoever would accept His gift of salvation would enjoy an everlasting abundant and eternal life with Him. With His life-giving sacrifice He showed us how to honor Him by responding to those who are hurting and in need in crisis large or small. We Glorify Him with our lives as we are spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically ready to respond in any crisis sharing His Hope for the world:

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  • For His Peace, which passes all understanding, to envelope you and bring Christmas JOY to all God places in your path.
  • For His Wisdom in biblical readiness to respond within your family, church, and Christian community in these uncertain times.
  • For First Responders who will not be with their families rather on guard, protecting us and managing any incidents.
  • For Church leaders who will courageously take security seriously and make plans and preparations for the safety of those entrusted to them.  


  • Monitor your social media interactions
  • Educate yourself on what suspicious behaviors 
  • Familiarize yourself with terrorist indicators
  • Review your family, church, and community emergency plans 
  • Exercise vigilance at large gatherings and events
  • Report suspicious behavior to your local law enforcement


  • Meet needs which melt seekers hearts for Christ 
  • Offer timely and kind words which lift others to Jesus
  • Distribute some inspiring Christmas literature
  • Sing Christmas carols with a strong Gospel focus
  • Adopt a first responder family with the thanks gifts


Remember when crisis comes, there may be no government or agency coming to rescue you, only Jesus and His followers. So, let’s not waste time and energy fretting over the evildoers we see all around us, or allow ourselves to be distracted from mobilizing to defend the Gospel, or trusting in things which will whither, or depending upon people may fall short. Rather, as the body of Christ, let’s recommit to be more ‘Aware, Ready, There’ - battling for souls in Jesus precious name!  What are some ways Christian's can respond...

Suspicious behaviors that warrant reporting?

  • Suspicious observation of or unusual questions to building maintenance or security personnel about security procedures;
  • Engaging in overtly suspicious actions to provoke and observe responses by security or law enforcement officers;
  • Suspicious interest in entry points, peak days and hours of operation, security personnel, surveillance assets (including cameras), and access controls, such as alarms, barriers, doors, gates, or locks;
  • Suspicious observation of security reaction drills or procedures, or multiple false alarms or fictitious emergency calls to same locations or similar venues;
  • Loitering, parking, or standing in the same area over multiple days with no reasonable explanation;
  • Unusual attention to or avoidance of surveillance cameras;
  • Attempts to disguise appearance from visit to visit (change in hair color, style of dress);
  • Interest, without justification, in obtaining site plans, ingress and egress routes, and information on employees or the public;
  • Garments not appropriate for weather/seasons;
  • Unusual behavior, such as staring at or quickly looking away from personnel or vehicles entering or leaving facilities or parking areas;
  • Discreet use of still cameras and video recorders or note taking or use of sketching materials, consistent with pre-operational surveillance, that would raise suspicion in a reasonable person;
  • Attempted or unauthorized access to rooftops or other potentially sensitive areas; and
  • Suspicious observations of or questions about facility air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems.

Indicators of violent extremist radicalization or mobilization?

  • Communicating with known or suspected foreign-based or US-based violent extremists using e-mail, social media platforms, or messaging applications;
  • New or increased advocacy of violence, including providing material support or recruiting others to commit criminal acts;
  • Consumption and sharing of media glorifying violent extremist acts in attempting to mobilize others to violence;
  • Active participation in, or encouraging visits to, violent extremist websites highlighting perceived Western atrocities to encourage others to engage in violence;
  • Advocating that their ideological, cultural, or national group requires violent defense from an external threat, combined with advocacy of violence;
  • Reports that a community member has initiated unexplained isolation, including broken contact with friends and family, unexplained self-initiated exit from school or work, combined with advocacy of violence;
  • Participation in paramilitary exercises and reconnaissance and surveillance activities in a manner that is reasonably indicative of pre-operational planning related to terrorism, particularly in conjunction with advocacy of violence;
  • Suspicious training behavior that would arouse suspicion in a reasonable person, such as the targeting of effigies, mimicking specific operational conditions at gun ranges or gun shows, or practicing assault tactics at paintball facilities;
  • Use of cover terms to mask the true meaning of events or nefarious activities combined with active advocacy of violence;
  • Attempting to or successfully acquiring firearms or ammunition prohibited under federal, state, or local law;
  • Suspicious weapons purchases, such as attempted purchases by individuals providing inconsistent or suspect identification, refusal to fill out the appropriate documentation, or issuance of vague or cryptic warnings that are violent in nature during purchase;
  • Acquisition of suspicious quantities of weapons and ammunition, or materials that could be used to produce explosives such as hydrogen peroxide, acetone, gasoline, propane, or fertilizer;
  • Attempting to enlist in the US military or state and local law enforcement, or seeking employment in a correctional institution by individuals confirmed to be known or suspected terrorist matches in government counterterrorism screening databases;
  • Testing of operation response systems associated with commercial facilities may be indicated by a pattern of false alarms, equipment failures, or power outages; and
  • Inquiring about operations or security measures in publicly accessible areas; using video/camera/observation equipment; or possessing maps, photos, or diagrams that are not related to their jobs.


CEN’s all-volunteer ministry depends upon your support to bring critical timely information, biblically based readiness resources, and trusted relationships who will be THERE standing with you in crisis. If you have been blessed by the CEN ministry which exists solely to protect, equip and mobilize Christians ‘for such a time as this’.  Would you prayerfully consider making a financial gift by sending a check to the address below.  learn more about CEN giving >>