A Time to Prepare - Michael's Story

It was August 2011 and I was in my back yard cutting grass when the clouds came in quickly and it became dark and the wind began to blow extremely hard. I quickly put stuff away and went inside to check the weather. I turned on my computer and TV and saw a news report about the stage collapse.

In past events like 911...I had a feeling of helplessness, but this time I knew what I was supposed to do.

I went to my computer and sent a message to 27 others who had become ReadyChristians in the Indianapolis area. Then I tweeted a call to prayer for the State of Indiana which notified over 2500 Prayer Warriors to begin to pray for the victims and the first responders at the incident. I checked in with my accountability partner and began to monitor Twitter and Facebook for news and information.

As a result of identifying specific needs, ReadyChristian volunteers stepped up to help build relationships with the area hospital chaplains. This one incident increased ReadyCity Indy to provide a strong biblical response to the crisis facing our state.