Mike Buresh

Mike Buresh

National Logistics Officer
Current Role: CEN Advisor/City Leader
Reach: National


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Mike Buresh is the National Logistics Officer Deputy for the Christian Emergency Network. He advises CEN related to emergency responses, conducts field operations and equips Christians to serve in any emergency large or small. Mike has worked for FEMA, Kentucky Emergency Management and has an extensive background in emergency management, planning and logistics. Mike brings his extensive experience in leading numerous disaster responses, including responses to Hurricanes Katrina, Irma, Maria and Florence, Gatlinburg Fires, Georgia Tornadoes, and as well as international disasters following major mass casualty earthquakes, such as the Nepal Earthquake and hurricanes in Haiti and Fiji into his CEN disaster response training and advisory role.


Mike’s background includes: FEMA National Headquarters, FEMA region IV and FEMA region VIII and as Operations Section Chief in the Kentucky Emergency Operations Center FEMA Disaster Employment Operating Heavy Equipment Kentucky Emergency Management Agency Supervisor, In Service Training - 120 Search and Rescue teams State CSEPP Planner - Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Safety Officer for Federal Disaster Exercises CSEPP Exercise Evaluator Volunteer Firefighter Volunteer EMT Mike’s journey helping others in crisis began when he joined a Search and Rescue Team while stationed at Whidbey Island, Wa., with the U.S. Navy. After responding to Hurricane Katrina, he immediately began to further involving himself in various fields of volunteering, including as a volunteer firefighter and with a KY. SAR (Search and Rescue) Team. He later became the SAR Chief. Mike is certified in: HAZMAT FEMA/ICS courses OSHA In his spare time, when he is not deployed or training Christians in disaster response, Mike loves the outdoors including hiking, backpacking and camping and is an accomplished cook. He and his wife Sherry reside in Kentucky. They have four children and four grandchildren.

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