Start a Garden, during Lockdown

The majority of families on lockdown have some yard available, and this is a good time to to start a family basic garden. The garden doesn’t need to be particularly fancy, you can order off the Internet some lettuce, carrots and other items that are easy to grow and add a few items that your family would enjoy eating.

The gardening accomplishes a number of items for your family. First you’re creating an outdoor activity which gets the children out of the house a little bit and even if they’re working a small part of the yard it gives them something to do which is likely a bit different.

A garden requires ongoing care, even a small plot will need some weeding and regular watering giving the children an opportunity to embrace discipline needed to see the garden project through.

 Also, a garden inspires hope. As the children plant some basic seeds, watches them sprout and begin to grow. Toward the end of the season they experience the harvest, the product of their labor. They begin to understand a little bit about the work involved in getting food from a farm to their plate. Most kids will get a kick out of pulling their first carrot or cutting some lettuce for the first food from their garden.

Consider a garden project you can start on lockdown while continuing as the situation hopefully improves.