Managing Children During Lockdown

Managing Children During Lockdown

Parents across the country are seeing their schedules utterly disrupted with schools closed, many working from home, and everything changed. We don’t know if these lockdowns will be over in a week or longer, our goal is to work through the system to not only survive, but to thrive as a family.

Start with establishing the time where everyone gets up for breakfast together, a good first step in establishing time together and beginning a reasonable daily schedule.  At breakfast talk about a schedule for the day including time with electronic devices, time for studies and time for different types of recreation so everyone in the family understands what to expect during the time. Before or shortly after breakfast everyone to take the time to properly shower, cleanup and dress for the day.  This step will help get us into an appropriate frame of mind for moving forward.

Second if a parent needs to work at home establishes space with a door between the person working and the rest of the family with a clear do not disturb rule. Those working need to be able to effectively do their job without constant interruptions. Breaks during the day can be scheduled but the bottom line is work will not be accomplished with a lot of interruptions. With the job picture in economy shaky you want to be known as one of the most effective team members at this time.

Third, plan some outside time either in the yard or taking a walk outside if appropriate. Look and watch for small things that normally you wouldn’t spend much time with.  Look for plants, trees, shrubs, birds or anything else it’s a little bit different. Take some time to understand these differences. If you encounter items that you don’t understand or know use the Internet as a way of learning.

Fourth, look at some games that can be played by the family and set aside some time for these activities, but a jigsaw puzzle on a table for people to stop by for a while and put a few pieces together.

Fifth, establish a time for family devotions if you don’t have a devotional for family use some Scripture that is suitable for all age groups, and then talk about how the Scripture speaks to each. When children have anxiety many of the Scriptures talk about giving the fear to the Lord. Christ in Christ alone will give us the strength to endure, grow and prosper as a family when we are locked down together.

Keep in mind video games and the television may be good for some short-term recreation but the family will grow together much better when these electronic devices are somewhat limited and we use this as an opportunity to have family time together.

The lockdown as a result of the coronavirus will make a lasting impression on our children and years from now the time and effort and creativity you utilize in helping them through the crisis will make lemonade out of clearly what is lemon type situation.