Covid-19 and Face Masks

We read news reports facemask simply don’t protect people from the coronavirus. If mask have no value, then why when you walk in with flulike symptoms and healthcare professionals immediately hand you a mask? And why do the same professionals masked themselves?


In researching the issue the facemask is of some value but not 100% foolproof in protecting anyone from the virus. 


First, we know that viruses can be transmitted through the eyes and that the tiny viral particles which are called aerosols are able to penetrate a mask. However a mask is effective at stopping the droplets, which seems to be the main way the coronavirus, is transmitted. According to an article in the Guardian some healthcare professionals believe this provides a fivefold level of protection than having no barriers. 


Second, when a person has any type of symptoms such as coughing a mask will also assist in protecting other people around them. Again the mask is not 100% protection but far better then nothing.


Third, given the mask is particularly effective at stopping the droplets when one is in closer contact with a potential infected person, wearing a mask outside while walking your dog is likely a little value. If you have some supply of facemask save them for when you may be in closer contact with others.


For those that do not have access to a facemask, there was a posting on KNWA In Fayetteville Arkansas with instructions on how to make your own mask: 

In the future mask production is likely to ramp up substantially and facemasks will once again be available at your local drugstore. To me using a facemask is far better than having no protection.


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