Consider Using Stimulus Funds to Support Your Church

The US Congress and president are finalizing a stimulus package likely to include cash payments to most citizens. The object of the cash distributions is to help move the economy forward given the economic devastation brought on by the coronavirus.

If an individual is still working, and drawing a salary, the check becomes a bonus that was unexpected. Give prayerful consideration to sending the check amount to your local church designating the funding for local compassionate ministry. During this crisis there will be many people looking to the church for assistance and the stimulus checks can make a major difference in moving the gospel forward with struggling families.

 If your church is not set up to receive designated funds consider supporting a Christian ministry in the forefront of direct assistance to struggling individuals. During the coming difficult days the church needs all the assistance possible to minister effectively. 

To become a ready Christian check out this link to learn many ways how to prepare yourself for any  disaster situation