Wildfire Smoke and Your Health

As hundreds of wildfires burn throughout California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho smoke is creating poor health conditions for many.  We can take a few steps to minimize our health risk.

Folks with with asthma, respiratory infection, diabetes, heart and lung disease or with a history of stroke should especially stay indoors. Pregnant women, infants and children should also stay indoors. If you start struggling to breath, get medical assistance immediately.

When home, insure all windows and doors are tightly closed and turn on your furnace circulation fan to provide some air filtration. If you have a ceiling fan run the fan to keep your air circulating.

If you don’t have a great filtering system, considering buying a smaller portable air filter. Run the air filter in your bedroom, shut the door to limit the new air coming in. Your goal is to provide better air quality while you sleep.

Those who are doing OK should still limit doing a lot of outside work, especially work requiring significant exertion, and outside exercise like running. When you breath deeply you are taking in more smoke particles.

Wear a mask when outside, similar to those worn in medical clinics to avoid spreading germs.

Until rain comes, these firers will burn. Take what steps you can. Want to be ready for an emergency, large or small? Take the free Ready Christian training here: http://bit.ly/tUQEcu