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What Are 3 Things You Need to Know to Respond to Emergencies Large & Small?

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Rapid Response

Did you know in January 2011, within two hours of the Congresswoman Gifford shooting in Tucson, AZ local churches, Family Life Radio and local journalists had a working command center in place less than a mile away from the shooting site? And, FBI and other federal and local law enforcement agencies were amazed at how seamlessly they were able to plug into the process?  They said they had never seen anything like this before. Imagine the impact your media outlet could have if it were to have or be a part of a process that could have an immediate impact for Christ.

The Readiness Project

The Readiness Project is a grassroots effort to assess the biblical readiness of Christian churches, ministries and media for disaster response. Just as leaders like Family Life Radio President, Dr. Randy Carlson, made a commitment to respond with other organizations in the Tucson incident using the airwaves, leaders like ASSIST News along with 400 print outlets are using CEN Alerts and News to prepare Christians to respond every day. And, over 50 national radio networks are using CEN PSA’s and interviews to rally the Church by asking: "Are you ready to respond in crisis?"

Schedule an Interview with Mary Marr

CEN's Founder and President Mary Marr is available for ongoing interviews. The goal of rallying the Church to be “aware, ready, and there" sharing Christ in any crisis large or small using a pray-care-share approach is the focus of each interview with Mary. Her expertise in providing a Christian worldview to emergency preparedness and response, working with Department of Homeland Security and FEMA faith-based initiatives, developing the Biblical Readiness Standard, and offering a biblical perspective on any crisis situation provides a unique and valued service to the Christian community worldwide. In addition to being a seasoned radio broadcaster, educator, speaker, and author of Lighting the Way, Mary is also the author of CEN's three core ready training programs: ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch and ReadyCity.

Contact: Mary.Marr, Public Information Officer | | 800-260-5637 

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