The vision of Christian Emergency Network (CEN) is a locally and globally connected network of Christians - individuals, organizations, businesses and churches - ready to respond to any crisis or disaster. CEN Champions are leaders from various organizations that have come alongside CEN to provide expertise and support in building this network, and to benefit from direct connections to the local Church for promoting their services or recruiting volunteers.

Partners are people who:

  • Pioneer networking efforts in areas of expertise - like Cheryl Sacks organizing prayer leaders into an Emergency Prayer Network that is ready to call up all prayer leaders for a nationwide prayer response.
  • Offer expertise - like Major Hood from The Salvation Army who provides timely accurate field information before, during and after emergency incidents, whether large or small.
  • Guide "best practices" - like Gene Grounds of Victim Relief involved in church safety and security, and in effective field chaplaincy where the Gospel is presented appropriately and sensitively.
  • Provide reports from the field on how the Church responds in a specific incident - like Sherry Buresh who is connecting the Church to disaster response organizations in her area through field operations and capacity-building.

To become a CEN Partner, contact CEN Founder & President Mary Marr to begin the conversation. We'll find ways to help each other share the hope of Christ with the survivors of crisis and disaster, mobilize more volunteers for emergency response, get out the word about the Church's role in crisis and disaster, and collaborate on training God's people to meet crisis need.

Here are a few of the organizations where CEN Partners are involved in a leadership capacity:

Bridge Builders International (BB)

BB provides disaster-specific prayer prompts and prayer service guidance on behalf of the National Prayer Committee (NPC) to CEN partners nationwide through email advisories and online updates during an Activation. Before Activation NPC leads the national prayer ministries in readiness. After a disaster it makes recommendations and improves national disaster-prayer responsiveness.

Prayer Transformation Ministry (PT)

PT also provides disaster-specific prayer prompts and prayer service guidance on behalf of the National Prayer Committee to CEN partners nationwide through email advisories and online updates during an Activation. Before Activation PT leads the National Prayer Committee ministries in readiness. After a disaster PT makes recommendations to improve the readiness of prayer leaders.

The Salvation Army (TSA)

TSA provides disaster-specific strategic news and "care" ministry coordination on site in any national disaster. Before Activation TSA leads national care ministries in response and recovery. After a disaster it makes recommendations and improves national disaster responsiveness, and improves CEN partner coordination of efforts. TSA coordinates with government and non-government agencies.


CDR Radio Network (CDR)

CDR provides disaster-specific strategic news and interviews to CEN radio partners nationwide online during Activation. Before Activation it leads the radio ministries in readiness. After a disaster it makes recommendations and improves systems in readiness.

Church Communications Network (CCN)

In partnership with CCN and other CEN partners experienced in the field of emergency response and spiritual care, the Christian Emergency Satellite Network (CESN) provides church preparedness training before a disaster, and instructions following a specific disaster via satellite feeds which equip and mobilize the Greater Church to respond physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a God-honoring way. CESN training includes individual and local church preparation, chaplaincy deployment, and disaster volunteer education. CCN provides Satellite (SAT) TV disaster-specific instructions to Christians within churches or whomever currently takes their SAT feeds or simply their SAT TV monthly programming. Before Activation CCN provides various disaster emergency training for personal, church and community readiness. After a disaster it makes recommendations and improves systems in readiness.

Luis Palau Evangelistic Association (LPEA)

LPEA provides Gospel-proclaiming events and broadcasts during Activation. Before Activation LPEA improves its communications systems and provides information critical to determining the overall evangelism response nationwide to CEN. After Activation it provides recommendations to CEN to improve readiness.

NeedHim (NH)

NH provides Gospel-proclaiming 24/7 telephone counselors, online salvation follow-up, and a continual hotline (1-888-NeedHim) for seekers wishing to know more about accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. NH does not do disaster related counseling, but provides purely spiritual counseling that often leads to someone making a commitment to follow Christ before, during, and after Activation. NH also leads in the sharing aspect of CEN leadership nationally.

InterVarsity (IV)

IV provides assistance with strategic interviews, which keep our CEN partners up-to-date on the Christian worldview response to any disaster. Before Activation IV improves media news relations. After Activation it recommends improved readiness steps to CEN.

Mission America Coalition (MAC)

MAC provides critical expertise in the area of City/Community, Church, and National Ministry collaboration. Before Activation MAC provides the doctrinal unifying foundation for CEN and the Pray-Care-Share message which unites our partners around a common mission to the United States and beyond. MAC encourages partnership and participation in CEN. After Activation MAC continues to develop its collaborative systems with CEN.

Somebody Cares America (SCA)

The Somebody Cares Disaster Response approach is that of church-based response.  Throughout the many disasters that the Somebody Cares network has been part of from Tropical Storm Allison flooding in 2001, to the Southeast Asia tsunami, to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ivan and Wilma we've seen over and over again how the Church responds quicker and more precisely than any other agency. Even the government has taken note of this! A Homeland Security Institute report issued in December 2006 states: It was neighborhood congregations the local fabric of America that appeared to have carried the day to a great degree."


Zondervan provides leadership and expertise to the print media of CEN before, during and after Activation. Zondervan assists with advisories, news releases, and other forms of pint media for CEN. While not in Activation Zondervan leads the print partners of CEN to achieve improved print resources for our partners to sustain the vital Pray-Care-Share message and response.

Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI)

CCCI's Rapid Resource Team provides print Gospel-proclaiming resources specific to any national disaster within 72 hours of an event. Before, during, and after Activation, CCCI assists in the overall leadership of CEN.

National Preparedness Committee (NPC)

NPC provides the overall Homeland Security leadership in national readiness. Before Activation it forges a national readiness campaign each year culminating in the annual National Preparedness Month in September. NPC provides media resources, events, and guidance to the annual campaign.

Business Proverbs (BP)

BP provides CEN financial and business oversight and guidance. During Activation BP serves as a lead partner in the logistics and strategic direction of CEN within the Command Center itself. Before and after Activation BP provides consulting to the Founder and President of CEN.