CEN is a grassroots network equipping Christians to serve communities in crisis.

The ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch and ReadyCity curriculum presents a preparedness and action plan for response. Churches and community networks use the Ready Series to assess readiness, prepare, and then mobilize for an individual, church or community-wide response. In addition, CEN provides a social platform for organizing volunteers, connecting with other churches, and community outreach. In the resource center, we offer advanced training, emergency supplies, and emergency response gear from our partners.


The Christian Emergency Network (CEN) formed after Sept 11, 2001 to help the body of Christ respond more biblically, intentionally and collaboratively to national emergencies.  CEN began with several Mission America Coalition (MAC) members and 10 national ministry leaders who were moved to unite together to reach our world for Christ when emergencies occur (which are historically pivotal times for those without a personal relationship with Christ).  During a crisis 90% ask the question "Where is God in this?" It is at this providential moment hurting people will be turned toward Him or reject Him completely - most often for a lifetime. CEN was originally called Operation Eternal Hope then later changed to become Christian Emergency Network when it recognized that all emergencies were opportunities for Christians living out the Hope of Christ.

The original CEN pioneers committed to meet every month for four years to develop the basis of the CEN ministry - each one with their unique expertise and contacts to the network. CDR Radio Network, Family Life Radio Network, Christian reporters, Mission America Coalition along, The Salvation Army, Gospel Rescue Mission, National Prayer Committee, Campus Crusade Cru, BGEA Rapid Response Team, Luis Palau, Zondervan, and NeedHim.org -- all these ministries gave guidance to the founding and implementation of the Christian Emergency Network.

Statement of Faith

CEN affirms the Lausanne Covenant and encourages member churches to use it as a guide for aligning values of working together in evangelism, ministry and community service. The Lausanne Covenant was established several years ago under the leadership of Dr. Billy Graham and others who saw the need for a clear statement of doctrinal agreement to unite the body of Christ in worldwide evangelization. CEN participants are asked to read and affirm the Lausanne Covenant as a first step to involvement with CEN. Affirmation is on the honor system and materials that are posted or printed must conform to the doctrinal statement for inclusion. For more active involvement, such as becoming a ReadyCitySM, CEN requires a commitment in writing adhering to the Lausanne Covenant . Services, resources, products or non-Christian support training offered by others who participate in the network may or may not apply. more>>


CEN Partners are leaders from various organizations that have come alongside CEN to provide expertise and support in building this network, and to benefit from direct connections to the local Church for promoting their services or recruiting volunteers. more>>


CEN practices and upholds the transformation giving principles. more>>


Keeping you informed about the ministry of volunteers and local networks that are learning to respond to emergencies big and small more>>